Quality Improvement News

Congratulations to our fellows who have presented their QI work at national conferences or had their projects formally published in peer-reviewed journals!

  • Nghiem Ha, Jin Ge, Annsa Huang, and Alexis Bayudan: "Follow-up After Improved Adherence to Esophageal Variceal Surveillance Documentation and Management Recommendations Through an Automated Endoscopy Template", poster presentation at ACG 2021 and awarded "Presidential Poster Award" Link to ePoster: https://cdmcd.co/zYm4A7
  • Nghiem Ha, Jin Ge, Annsa Huang, and Alexis Bayudan: "Factors Associated with Inadequate Esophageal Variceal Surveillance Following Implementation of An Automated Endoscopy Template to Standardized Variceal Management Recommendations", poster presentation at AASLD 2021.
  • Adam Blaisdell, Laurel Hochstetler, Colin Feuille, Bing Zhang, Arielle Klepper, Chelsea Xu, Amy Yu, Amie Blanco, Jonathan Terdiman, Aparajita Singh. "Improving Identification of Patients Meeting Lynch Syndrome Testing Criteria in Endoscopy" poster presentation at ACG 2021 and granted the Presidential Poster Award. Link to ePoster: https://cdmcd.co/gQ74pD 
  • Edward Cheng, Richard McLean, Connie Wang: "Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on endoscopy cancellations," poster presentation at DDW 2021 and granted a "Poster of Distinction" award
  • Nghiem Ha, Jin Ge, Annsa Huang, Connie Wang, Jessica Rubin: “Automated endoscopy template improves provider adherence to esophageal varices surveillance guidelines,” oral presentation at ACG 2020
  • Myung Ko, Vivek Rudrapatna, Kavita Radhakrishnan: “Reducing unnecessary EGDs for heartburn and dyspepsia,” oral presentation at DDW 2020
  • Colin Feuille, Myung Ko, Patrick Avila, Vivek Rudrapatna: “Improving referrals to genetic counseling for patients at high risk for GI cancers,” poster presentation at ACG 2019 and winner of “Outstanding Poster Presenter” award
  • Former fellows Sara Lewin, Ryan McConnell, Roshan Patel: Lewin SM, McConnell RA, Patel R, et al. Improving the Quality of Inpatient Ulcerative Colitis Management: Promoting Evidence-Based Practice and Reducing Care Variation With an Inpatient Protocol. Inflamm Bowel Dis 2019;25:1822-1827.Annual UCSF GI Quality Improvement Symposium