One out of every three people in the United States visits a doctor each year for a gastrointestinal (GI) problem. At UCSF, GI specialists are skilled in the diagnosis and management of the full range of gastrointestinal diseases, including disorders of the esophagus, stomach, intestine, pancreas and liver. The mission of the Division of Gastroenterology is threefold:

  • to provide state-of-the-art patient care for GI and liver diseases
  • to prepare GI trainees to become academic leaders
  • to develop new knowledge about GI and liver diseases through basic and clinical research

Three Divisions of Gastroenterology operate at each of the three main UCSF campuses: Parnassus/Mount Zion, Zuckerberg San Francisco General, and the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Each campus offers comprehensive clinical care for gastrointestinal and liver diseases. The UCSF Liver Transplant Program, distinguished as one of the top transplant centers in the nation, is located at the Parnassus/Mount Zion campus.

GI specialists at UCSF are national and international leaders in their respective disciplines, dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care. The GI practice group at each campus has the expertise to span the entire gastrointestinal system, and each site has a full complement of technical tools for diagnosis and treatment. Our GI specialists are committed to delivering GI care in the most efficient and effective manner possible. To this end, they are experts in the utilization of health information technology and tele-medicine.

An important aspect of the UCSF Division of Gastroenterology is its MD fellowship training program that attracts top-tier physicians each year. Clinical care, basic and advanced endoscopy and research are all part of the GI fellowship program, which is designed to groom the next generation of GI specialists. Non-physician (PhD) scientists also pursue postdoctoral training in the Division of Gastroenterology; these scientists study basic mechanisms of GI and liver disorders with the hope of improving health and treating disease.

Faculty in the Division of Gastroenterology are committed to scientific discovery about the causes of and treatment for gastrointestinal diseases. GI faculty participate in many national research consortia, clinical trial groups, and advisory committees to improve the lives of patients with GI and liver diseases. Research in the division is enhanced by its close affiliation with two organized research centers at UCSF: the IBD Center and the Liver Center.

We welcome you to look further into our website for more information about the UCSF Division of Gastroenterology. Follow these links to learn about our division’s history as well as our clinical programs, research portfolio and training opportunities.