Parnassus/Mount Zion 

Name Title Phone Email Address
Annamaria Flamburis Division Manager (415) 476-2778 [email protected]
Svetlana Sogolova Fellowship Coordinator (415) 476-3143 [email protected]
Lynn Remedios Administrative Analyst
(Drs Norah Terrault and Marion Peters)
(415) 502-0318 [email protected]
Yelena Tretyakov Assistant Finance Analyst (415) 476-5072 [email protected]
Karen Wong Administrative Analyst
(Drs. Bilal Hameed and Francis Yao)
(415) 476-2777 [email protected]
Stacy Lam GI Research & Finance Manager (415) 476-2697 [email protected]
Sina Dehghan Post Award Analyst   [email protected]

Zuckerberg San Francisco General 

Name Title Phone Email Address
Amy Akbarian Division Manager (415) 206-3736 [email protected]
April Gidda Division Assistant (415) 206-4770 [email protected]
Violet Garcia Clinical Services Coordinator (415) 206-4771 [email protected]
Renalyn Reyes Research Financial Administrator (415) 206-4809 [email protected]

San Francisco VA Medical Center

Name Title Phone Email Address
Ann Hayes Nursing contact (415) 221-4810, ext 4287