Chief QI Fellow

The UCSF GI fellowship chief fellow is a new role in our fellowship program. The chief QI fellow track comes with opportunities to train in QI methodology and prepare for leadership roles in QI. The role of the QI chief fellow is to develop and implement quality improvement initiatives within the fellowship, under the mentorship of our UCSF faculty. Our QI chief fellow leads the QI projects within the GI fellowship, which includes clinical areas from colorectal cancer screening, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatology, and endoscopy. Resources for fellows interested in QI include the formalized LEAN training, as well as the UCSF-wide Graduate Medical Education Health Systems Leadership Pathway, which provides residents and fellows additional education and experience in QI, patient safety, and healthcare systems improvement.


Former Chief Fellows Academic Year
Connie Wang, MD 2021-2022
Annsa Huang, MD 2020-2021