IBD Care Chat: Digital Health Tool for Patients

IBD Care Chat


This tool engages patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and allows their team to monitor health in between visits. This will lead to improved health care maintenance, earlier detection of disease activity and ideally reduction of complications such as need for steroids. Ask your doctor if you are eligible!


  • Detect early warning signs of disease activity and reduce chances of a major disease flare
  • Encourage patients to get the health care maintenance they need, when they need it
  • Feature constantly updated educational videos on topics such as the IBD therapies, COVID vaccine, and IBD in special populations (pregnancy, adolescents, older patients)
  • Improve patient satisfaction and engagement with their own care

How It Works

IBD 1Text or Email Reminders
Patients will receive either text (SMS) or email reminders when it is time for their IBD care chat.

IBD phone 1
IBD chat 2

IBD 2IBD Care Chat
Patients can choose the topic of their care chat, either to report symptoms, change in medication, or just check in to share health status with the team.

IBD 3Reporting Symptoms
If a patient's symptoms are escalating, they can use the chat to report what is going on. Staff will be alerted and will get back to them within one business day.

IBD 4Education Videos
Patients can learn more about IBD-related topics through UCSF created education videos. The videos are available within the chat.


Emergency disclaimer

This Care Chat is not intended for emergency services. If you have an emergency, please contact 911.