Dr. Jennifer Lai received the Exceptional Mentor Award from the UCSF Medical School 2021, Young Investigator Award in Clinical Science from AGA & received 100K from DOM's team Science Planning Grant Selection Committee

Dr. Jennifer Lai received the UCSF Long-Term Mentor Award 2021 from the School of Medicine, the Young Investigator Award in Clinical Science from American Gastroenterological Association in February 2020. Dr. Lai pioneered a research program in frailty that's changed how gastroenterologists & hepatologists manage liver disease patients.


Dr. Jennifer C. Lai and team were awarded a grant of $2.5 million over 5 years from the National Institute on Aging for a project entitled Predicting post-transplant mortality and global functional health based on pre-transplant functional status in liver transplantation in June 2018.

Dr Ku & Dr. Lai  will receive $100,000 in 2020 from Department of Medicine’s Team Science Planning Grant Selection Committee. They propose to explore which patients with liver failure will also need renal transplant along with liver transplant to optimize allocation of resources as well as leading more patients to have a simultaneous kidney/liver transplant (if they are predicted to have high risk of needing permanent renal replacement). This is a potentially high yield area of focus. Overall, the committee was very enthusiastic about this proposal, and the goal of submitting a large grant application in 2020 from this collaboration.